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'I'm so excited to do my set in the actual bar where 'the accused' took place!'

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THIS SHOW WAS ON MY VISION BOARD is coming back to Akbar on Tuesday August 19th at 8pm with an all-star lineup! We’ve got Guy Branum, Merrill Davis, Kyle Shire, Liz Stewart, Shelby Stockton and Baron Vaughn! Can’t wait!!! #standupcomedy #silverlake #losangeles #visionboard #manifesting (at AKBAR)

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My Vagina

My favorite Valentine’s Day was a few years ago when I emceed a show that consisted of a bunch of super earnest musical numbers and the producer asked me if I have any Valentine’s Day jokes. “Sure,” I said over the phone, hoping he didn’t hear my nose growing.

My big Valentine’s Day number that brought the house down was my dead serious reading from “The Vagina Monologues,” accompanied by “Nadia’s Theme.” (The connection: “The Vagina Monologues” is performed around the world every February 14th, a day that author Eve Ensler has dubbed “V Day.”)

Excerpt: “I learned this from the woman who ran the vagina workshop. A woman who believes in vaginas. A woman who really sees vaginas.”


I wasn’t asked back the following year.

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